Types of Wood Floors

Here is a brief overview of the kinds of wood floors available.

There are three basic kinds of wood floors: Solid, Engineered, and Laminated.

1) Solid Wood floors come in three types: parquet, strip, and plank.

Parquet floors usually come in square 6-inch blocks and can create beautiful designs.

Strip floorings are the most common, usually about 2-1/4 inches wide.

Plank floors are like strip but wider, usually 3 inches or more.


2) Engineered floors are made from several different types of wood heat-pressed and glued together. These floors are usually less affected by changes in humidity and temperature. The thickness of the top layer determines how many times it can be refinished.


3) Laminated Wood floors are made with a plywood and veneer. Generally for the budget-conscious, these floors are usually about half the thickness of a solid wood floor.