Wood Floor Finishes

1) Polyurethane
Most wood floors are finished using a polyurethane which seals, waterproofs and makes your floor shine. Many experts advise that you use a medium-gloss rather than high-gloss, because your traffic areas (which lose their shine more quickly) will be less noticeable.

NOTE: Some people choose to add a wax finish to a polyurethane-coated floor after it has lost its shine. Keep in mind that this may make refinishing more difficult. If you choose to add a maintenance coat of polyurethane finish, be sure to thoroughly strip any wax, as it will prevent your finish from adhering to the floor.


2) Wax, acrylic, oils
Some wood floors use penetrating substances which do not coat the wood as thoroughly and do not shine as much. These give a more rustic look to your floor. Treat these floors with care as they are less protected from damage due to water and spills.